martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

En progreso...

Aquí os dejo una foto teaser de lo ultimo que estoy pintando... Está en progreso, pero esta ademas traerá un Paso a Paso... Espero que os guste y que os interese una vez esté acabado (que si hay suerte, será la próxima semana)

Here is a little teaser of the mini im painting those days. Its still in progress, but this one will come with a step by step guide. I hope you will like it and that ull find interesting once its finished (i hope that will be next week)

Por cierto, no se os da un aire a Uma Thurman?
By the way, dont you think she looks like Uma Thurman?

4 comentarios:

  1. I guess she looks a bit like Uma because of her long face. ^^ Looking forward to seeing you complete her.

  2. Maybe thats the reason, but as i painted her, i was thinking about the dance with Travolta, hahhaha! I hope ill manage to have her completed this weekend. Then... i think it will take me few more days to order the pics and complete the Step by Step

  3. She looks very nice. I can't wait to see more advances in her...

    Keep painting.


    1. Hahahhaa, Aniku, que raro se me hace que me respondas por aqui! Y mas en ingles, hahahahah! Pues si, seguiremos dandole caña! Thank you!!! :D



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